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Tropical jungle :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 1 0 I hate this :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 5 5 lovely weather were having :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 2 0 Alien Pups (Open) :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 1 4 I'm in love :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 2 0 I don't mean to ignore but :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 1 0 and I love him :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 1 2 $teller y0 :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 2 0 Ap payment for Wildtale (20/20) :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 3 13 AP for Wildtale (13/20) :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 3 1 LOVELY LOVELY DAY :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 2 2 (AP) Payment for Nagallow :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 3 0 For bb :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 3 6
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Pretty Please (TW: Blood/Mistreatment/Abuse) :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 2 0
space doggo :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 5 4
Mature content
acarophobia (TW: minor gore/blood) :iconqwnzch:Qwnzch 1 3


Puppy (Not a photograph) :iconkulkelo:KUlKELO 19 9 heck :iconivypopadopts:IvypopAdopts 1 1 Funny faces :iconhydrafox:HydraFox 60 2
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  Soil 2 by AlphaStryx
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  Nox 1 by AlphaStryx Nox 3 by AlphaStryx

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Was blood always this pretty :iconkinkydevii:KinkyDeviI 5 0
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yummy ~ :iconlamelamb:lamelamb 185 73 Hooded Cat Adoptable [closed] :iconnifty-senpai:Nifty-senpai 1,098 77 OK THIS IS MY LAST FURSONA :iconlazybeanie:lazybeanie 5 0




Tropical jungle
Testing filters n stuff

I rlly lik my alien lioness I got <3

Lineless drawings r really relaxing
I hate this
Quick vent abt family:
(be warned selfish things below)

In my family I feel p small
N insignificant. So much so tht my brother literally has to tell everyone.

So tonight my mom forced me into doing smthn tht I'm genuinely uncomfortable with (Straightening my hair) n then my dad comes n tells up to go sit outside n wait.

Okay I do tht.

I have no interest in being there but I GUESS to feed my dads ego.

So he says we have family dinners every sunday n tht we have family discussions abt projects and issues ect.
So ya
Everyone takes a turn with the 'talking cube'
N when my dad was done talking,

I picked it up.
I told him that it was a rectangle n not a cube
He picks itup n says a rectangle is a 2-D shape, making sure to say it slowly n carefully as if I was retarded.
Everyone laughed.

Yay how fun. I corrected myself and he says to not pick up the talking cube until everyone has gone. The was he said it made it feel lik I wasn't listening or smthn when he made it oh so clear when he was explaining it.

Yet he picked it up 3 times in a row

Everyone gets done taking n I puck it up again
Simply saying I need tin foil for a project .
He responded it needs to be put on An idea board n then approved by them.

I say its not for a wood project (what everyone else works on)
My dad simply repeats himself.
I walk away, my mom following behind n stops me once we are inside.

She says I need to know when to keep things in my head n not talk, like back talk.

I stop myself from saying anything just so I could escape any more conflict and go upstairs to my room.
Ill leave comments open bc y not

I act rlly selfish n full of myself alot
I can understand y my parents r so sick of me
I guess they weren't prepared for a girl.

Constantly looking for methods to stop myself from being so stupid and selfish.

Mh they don't work for me
Happy birthday hitler


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United States

pixel plants {ftu} by gunsweat
:leaf: by ebonred Qwnzch :leaf: by ebonred
:leaf: by ebonred her/she :leaf: by ebonred
"May I make you a cup of coffee?"
forest divider by bulletblend
Im a artist, obv just looking to share my art n socialize n etc!
I love being outside and seeing plants and animals
Forests hums with sweet sounds of peacefulness
Dew Drop - Stamp by candlelit-deco Rain Over a River - Stamp by candlelit-deco forest stamp by bulletblend

f2u | cherry blossoms by tiqerteethresource

Leaves in the Fall Stamp by katcombs Gif Stamp - Forest by DarthSky Trees Stamp v2 by CRIMlNALS
Stamp - Forest 3 by DarthSky Tiny Waterfall - Stamp by candlelit-deco Misty forest page decoration . free to use by SmiifKoqla
tranquility - divider by dokuyurei
106 by s-k-i-e-s forest stamp by bulletblend forest stamp by bulletblend
Stamp | Forest by WilnaahStamps Lost In The Woods by SourTeen666 forest stamp by bulletblend

d o w n i n t h e f o r e s t by T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D


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